Roof Replacement

Upgrade Your Roof to Protect Your Home

Rely on us as your roof replacement company in the Dudley & Southbridge, MA area

If your roof is over a decade old, or if it's starting to get worn-out, it won't be able to protect your home the way it should. Install a new roof to prevent water damage and other issues.

JJS Universal Construction Company is a trusted roof replacement company in Dudley, Southbridge, MA and the surrounding area. We can assess your roof's condition and let you know if roof replacement services are the best option.

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How to tell if you need a replacement

How to tell if you need a replacement

You should check your roof occasionally to make sure it's in good shape. You'll likely need roof replacement services if:

  • You have cracked or curved shingles
  • You notice dark spots on your roof
  • There's light coming through your attic

As your roof replacement company, we'll use your preferred material for your new roof. If you have any questions about our services, call 508-983-4965 today.